The Magnificent Bible of Borso d’Este

The Bible of Borso d’Este is one of the most magnificently decorated books of the Middle Ages. Today, the book is entirely digitalised. How cool is that? Browse through the volumes and zoom in on all the wondrous details. Click here to see the book!

Over the course of six years (from 1455 to 1461), a team of artists created the illustrations that accompany the biblical texts. Find all kinds of flowers, animals, heraldry and illustrations of the scenes in the text.

The book was commissioned by Borso d’Este (1413 – August 20, 1471) , who was the duke of Ferrara and Modena in Italy. With this very expensive book, he wanted to demonstrate his wealth and status, and compete with the court of Florence. He might not have succeeded in this, but in any case, 500 years after his death, his book still survives.


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