A dreamy villa: Museum Oud Amelisweerd

In the middle of the Netherlands, in a nature area near Utrecht, lies the Villa of Oud Amelisweerd. A unique monument of the eighteenth century, because its interior is still in a very good state.

Wallpaper from China

The people who lived here in the eighteenth century where very sophisticated when it came to interior trends. While wallpaper was not very common in the Netherlands yet, it was in England, from where they got their inspiration. Wealthy as they were, the inhabitants had the nicest wallpaper shipped all the way from China to decorate their villa. Today, you can walk through the Salon, with scenes of a Dragon boat race or the Room of Birds, where in-and outside blend into each other.




The museum often organises cool exhibitions. Until 18th March 2018, you can see works of the Dutch painter Armando (1929) combined with works from the Qing Dynasty in the exhibition Made in China. Armando’s abstract paintings are combined with Chinese textiles, prints and vases, creating interesting combinations with the old interior and wallpaper. On the walls are quotes from Armando or Chinese poets and the windows give views of the surrounding woods and fields. Be sure to get a dreamy experience and lots of interior goals.

MOA / Museum Oud Amelisweerd
Koningslaan 9, Bunnik, The Netherlands


Combine with:

A walk around the surrounding green estates of  Oud Amelisweerd, Nieuw Amelisweerd and Rhijnauwen

A coffee or lunch in the organic cafe De Veldkeuken (next-door) 

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