DIY stand for (art) books

A great way to bring art into your home is by displaying books. This DIY bookstand is easy to make and gives your books an instant spotlight. Have fun!

What you need:

  • Wood
    You can choose any wood you like. I used some leftovers and chose to paint them in the end.
  • A fret-saw
  • Pencil and a ruler
  • Optional: paint

The steps:

  1. Measure the size you want your bookstand to be on the wood. You need two equally sized planks. I used 25×35 cm., but this can be bigger or smaller.
  2. Saw the wood into these two planks.
  3. To fold the planks into eachother, you need to cut out two rectangle shapes. The shapes should be slightly off-middle (I went for 14cm off the short edge) and bigger than the width of the wood (I used 2.5cm). They should both stop in the middle.
  4. With your fret-saw, cut out these two rectangular shapes.
  5. Optional: paint the wood in any colour you like.

Slide the planks into each other, and voila: there is your chic new home accessory.

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