Amsterdam City Palace: The Cromhouthuis

Once, the superrich lived here, today, everybody can enter this luxury house on the Herengracht in Amsterdam: The Cromhouthuis. Designed and decorated by The Wunderkammer, it is now a heaven for lovers of interior design, curiosa and taxidermy – and offcourse Amsterdam’s history.

From 1660 to 1870, the wealthy Cromhout family lived here. Although little of their original possessions have been saved, the museum is furnished with all kinds of luxury items that were used at the time when the family lived there.



Tables are set with luxurious silver, exuberant bouquets of flowers and real butterflies, the walls are painted in deep green and blue colours, and cabinets are filled with curiosa: silver miniatures, golden watches or natural objects such as shells and corals.

The stylists of The Wunderkammer, a team of florists and decorators who style events, stores, fashion shows, and weddings,  have done beautiful work. They created an inspiring mix between old and contemporary interior trends. The rooms are decorated with objects from the olden days and inspired by historic sources, but in a way that makes it seem as if the Cromhout family could have lived here today as well.


Small and quiet, the Cromhouthuis gives a very intimate glimpse of the interior of the elite of the Golden Age.

Also enjoy the café, with a coffee and a piece and even the possibility to sit outside in the garden!


The Cromhouthuis
Herengracht 366, Amsterdam

Combine with:
Café de Pels
Kaldi for coffee to go
Bijbels Museum (same location)


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