Antique shopping at auction house De Zwaan

Walk around crooked floors and creaking stairs and peer out of windows with views over the canal houses and backyards of the Keizersgracht. “De Zwaan” is  worth a visit, if only because of its amazing, ancient, monumental house.

Several times a year De Zwaan organizes auctions, preceded by viewing days – free access to everyone. It’s like sniffling around in the attic of someone’s wealthy grandparents – and everything is for sale! De Zwaan exhibits a wide collection of antique furniture, paintings, vintage watches and jewellery, Persian carpets, vases, and many, many more.

Climb your way through the seventeenth century interior and find some real treasures. You can place a bid online, join the auction, and become the owner of a unique piece. Especially for furniture shopping, De Zwaan can serve as a nice alternative for going to Ikea!

A cool designer’s dresser  (200 to 400 euros)

A wooden writer’s desk from the eighteenth century (200 – 300 euros)


One of the most extravagant pieces: a nineteenth century wardrobe with an almost contemporary graphic star print (2500 – 4500 euros). How cool would this be in a clean and minimalistic home?

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