8 Tips to Fill Your Home with Art (for Free)

If you are an art lover, you’ll want to decorate your home with it as well. Buying a work of art can be somewhat too expensive, but luckily, there are many ways to bring art to your home many times cheaper, or even for free.

1. Shop at thrift stores. Not only for prints or posters, but for the frames too. Or books.

2. Take home cards, flyers or posters from galleries, museums, or anywhere you see something you like and put it in a frame (that you’ve bought for cheap a thrift store) or just tape it to your wall.

3. Google a cool picture in High Resolution and print it.

4. Get your books out of the cupboard and display them, for instance on a book stand – find the DIY tutorial here.

5. In paper or stationary shops you can buy vintage posters or big sheets with cool prints for just a few Euro’s. For example at Vlieger in Amsterdam.

6. Take a page with a big picture out of a magazine or newspaper. Frame it or tape it to your wall.

7. Make something yourself. All it has to take are some simple lines or dashes of paint and you can decorate your walls. Use Pinterest for inspiration.

8. Put everything together and create a nice gallery wall!



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