8 Tips to Make a Museumvisit More Fun

1. Try not to see everything
A museum can be quite overwhelming. If you want to see everything, you risk not seeing anything at all. Instead, try to focus on just one or two artworks, on some highlights, or just on one or two rooms of the museum. You can learn more about the works of art and be more relaxed.

2. Don’t directly go to the highlights
Try instead to go to works you have never heard of or have never seen before – and experience something new. Nice side effect – You’ll have more chance to be alone instead of with the crowds.

3. Think of looking at artworks as time travelling
When you think of a piece of art as an object that someone made with his bare hands hunderd to thousands of years ago, and picture this person working on it, you can travel in time a little bit. How cool that these objects have survived time and we can still see them today?

4. Read the signs and look for more information on your phone
There is often such a nice background story to a painting (the older the better) and the museum often does not give this information out of the blue (except with audio tours or apps, but then you’ll be stuck to following this). When you Google the title of a painting or just the painter, you might be able to learn some nice new things to your own taste. Google Arts & Culture is a good start, or websites of magazines or newspapers or other museums.

5. Find a nice lunch spot or coffee place for afterwards
Get that vacation feeling and make the best out of your day.

6. Visit the bookshop. Browse through nice art books, find cool gifts or get some interior inspiration. (Off course it depends on the museum how good the bookshop actually is – but they’re getting better in general).

7. Go with a friend
Share your views on what you’ve seen, talk about totally non-related art stuff, or just enjoy your coffee afterwards together.

8. Go alone
Going to a museum alone might give you a totally new experience. You’ll be able to go at your own pace – skip whatever you like or linger at whatever you like – and get some quality me-time.


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